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Our vision is to contribute to the growth of democracy in Nigeria and promote the right of the citizen in the pursuit of their legitimate endeavours.
We are advocates of good governance, transparency, justice, equity and fairness.
Our stories shall be credible, verifiable facts, guided by the principles  of balance, objectivity and fairness.

We publish all range of commercial, opinion, view point, testimonies or contention that are within the context of law and public decency.
All adverts must meet the legal and ethical standards of the Advertising Practitioner Council of Nigeria (APCON).
All adverts must be sent a week to the date of publication.
Notification of extension of placement must be sent in good time.
All advert placements must be paid before publication.
Copy ready advertisements should be mailed to:


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Daily Express Nigeria


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About us is an online news platform which strives to provide a trusted and reliable source of news.
We present accurate, factual and objective coverage of news in Nigeria and around the globe as they unfold. orld.
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