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RPMC renonates police station, donates computers, office equipment


The Railway Property Management Company (RPMC) Limited, has donated computers and office equipment including a generator to the Kaduna Junction Railway Divisional Police Station.
The company made the donations after renovating the dilapidated police station located at the Kaduna Railway Junction.
Speaking while presenting the items to the Divisional Police Officer (DPO), the Managing Director of RPMC, Mr. Timothy Zalanga, said the donation was to support the police in providing security at the Railway Junction.
“We felt it is very important to support the police to carry out their legitimate duties of securing railway facilities.
“This is our own litle contribution but there is nothing too small or too big in assisting the police to perform their function, especially when you look at where they use as an office and even the office equipment.
“They now have a generator and computers to work with” Zalanga said.
He said besides enhancing their work, the company was determined to foster a good working relationship with the police.
According to him, the RPMC had wanted to renovate the entire premises of the police station and give it a face lift, but it was not possible because of the economic meltdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
“We wanted to change the entire area and give it a face lift, but you know, this year has been very difficult globally, but instead of waiting for the situation to improve, we just felt we should do the litle we can do. When our business improves, we believe we can still do more” Zalanga said.
Also commenting on the moribund Kaduna Railway Junction, Zalanga said activities will soon pickup when the Lagos – Kano rail line is completed.
He said the federal government has been working hard towards a new dimension to rail operations in Nigeria.
According to him, “The focus of this administration is actually railway. The government has been working hard to give a new dimension to rail operations in Nigeria. “You are aware that the Lagos – Kano rail line is already in progress. The section between Lagos and Ibadan has been completed”
According to him, “The next phase is to join Ibadan with Kano to pass through Kaduna. “So we believe that once that line is connected, you will see activities that will change the entire town (Kaduna) not just the railway station.
“You can see the impact the Kaduna- Abuja rail line is already making. So we believe that by the time that line is joined to Kano and Lagos, it will change the dynamics of the entire area”.
Speaking while receiving the items,, the DPO, Mr. Victor Alamagandi thanked the RPMC for the renovating the office and for donating the items, saying
it will go a long way in supporting in administrative operations.
“We are grateful for the donation and renovation of the station. The office was in great shambles but with your kind gesture, it was given a first lift and we now have a conducive working environment.
“The police Commissioner is very grateful for your kind gesture. This kind of support will make us perform better” the DPO said


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