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GPF applauds government’s proactive action against COVID-19


The Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Nigeria, has commended the federal Federal and of and the state governments for taking proactive actions against the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.
In a statement on Saturday in Kaduna, Country Director of the Non governmental organisation, Rev. John Joseph Hayab called on all Nigerians to respect and obey the “stay at home” order by the government in order to combat the spread of the disease.
“While we collectively act in unison to bring the spread of COVID-19 to a stop, as one family under God, we call on all to work as a family for a peaceful society, irrespective of ethnic or religious affinities, promoting common humanity.”
Hayab noted that the virus does not discriminate on the basis of religion, ethnic origin or any form of identity, stressing that the disease is killing people without discrimination and has brought hardship and hunger to all classes of people.
“We, therefore, beseech our fellow citizens to obey health advice given by health workers and the government.
“We also challenge our political leaders to rise to the call to improve the health system, providing purposeful and equitable leadership at this time for our people.
“Our organization has joined others in the vanguard of public enlightenment and will continue to contribute in whatever ways to sensitize and support humanity in this difficult period.
“We are willing to work together with our governments, at both Federal, States and Local Government levels, to unite our citizens at this trying period of our nation and world at large” the statement said.
He appealed to those with the responsibility of distributing palliatives to the less privileged citizens to ensure fairness and equity to all.
“We wish to see the nation’s leaders making good use of this trying time as an opportunity to further strengthen human values and consolidate the peace we so desire to move our country forward.
“Above all, GPF acknowledges and appreciates the untiring efforts of health workers, the world over for putting their lives on the line as well as the people who made immense sacrifice to help victims of the pandemic” the statement said.


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