Home News Some Nigerian leaders don’t want to listen to the truth, says Zulum

Some Nigerian leaders don’t want to listen to the truth, says Zulum


Governor of Borno state, Prof. Babagana Zulum, has said that one of the problems in Nigeria is telling the truth to those in authority.
In a lecturer he delivered at the National Defence College on Tuesday in Abuja, Zulum said the unwillingness of those in the corridor of power to tell leaders the truth about issues is not helping the country.
He also lamented that the unwillingness of leaders to hear the truth is another problem.
In his paper titled: “Strategic leadership: The challenges of Insurgency in Borno State,” Zalum said: “A strategic leader must be a strategic listener and reader. A strategic thinker must also be a strategic learner.
“A strategic leader must be willing to hear the truth and to learn.
“However, telling the truth and accepting the truth has been our major problems in Nigeria. “Some people will never tell you the truth when you are in power and honestly, many of us in power also do not want to hear the truth, we prefer to be told what we like to hear and that is a serious deficit in strategic leadership.”
Zalum had earlier in January, lashed out on soldiers manning Damaturu-Maiduguri road, accusing them of extorting road users.


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