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Nigerian police force, now different police force, says Kaduna CP


Kaduna state commissioner of Police, Ahmad Abdulrahaman, said on Tuesday that the Nigerian police force, under the leadership of Adamu Mohammed, the Inspector General, is a different police force whose “motto is rule of law”.
The commissioner frowned at the attitude of politicians, describing some of them as primitive and acts like children who are still learning.
Abdulrahaman said this while addressing hundreds of youths who participated in the “National Day of Action Walk for Vote Not Fight Campaign” marched to his office in Kaduna.
He said: “Up to today, the people that want to take up the mantle of leadership in our country are still behaving as if they are children that are in the process of learning.
“Otherwise, how could politicians be so naive, to be sending young boys and girls to be destroying common posters, billboards and banners of their opponents!
“I think we are supposed to have been 100 years above that. Unfortunately some of our politicians are acting primitively”.
He assured that the police will give maximum support to the group to sensitise and educate politicians so that they will know that leadership is a process that only God gives.
Abdulrahaman called on politicians to focus their campaigns on issues and avoid vituperations and inciting violence through hate speeches.
“I am giving you 100 per cent support so that together, we will educate them (politicians) and tell them that enough is enough” he said.
According to him, the police is very much ready to deal with those who indulge in anti social and undemocratic activities.
“I am assuring you that the Nigerian police force under the leadership of the Inspector General of Police Adamu Mohammed is a different police force.
“It is a force that is reckoning itself, it’s own motto is rule of law.
“And what do you mean by rule of law? Rule of law simple means that the process of governance is connected to the law and the law is supreme.
“So therefore, no one is above the law and there is equality before the law” the police commissioner said.
He assured that a levelled playing ground will be provided for every politician and political party to sell their manifestos to the electorate under a peaceful atmosphere.
He commended the youths for campaigning for peaceful elections and urged them not to allow themselves to be used by “unethical and unscrupulous politicians”.
He called on the youths to work towards building a peaceful and united Nigeria, urging them to prepare themselves educationally and intellectually to take over the leadership of the country in the future as the
future belongs to them.
Speaking earlier, Mrs. Zigwai Ayuba, spokesperson of the group and Kaduna Coordinator of One Project Africa, said the youths in have resolved to ensure peaceful conduct of the forthcoming elections in the state.
According her, the campaign against violence had been successful in Kaduna state because, young people across the 23 local governments had keyed into it.
“We all belong to different political ideologies as well as different religious and ethnic groups, but we are united to work towards peaceful elections and to tell politicians that election is not war; vote, not fight” she said.


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