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Insecurity: Nigerians have lost faith in APC, says AYF


The Arewa Youth Forum, (AYF) said on Thursday that Nigerians were loosing faith in the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), as a result of the seeming failure of the federal government to stop the massive killings across the country.
The group, therefore, called on the President Muhammadu Buhari to take urgent steps in ending the bloodshed.
In a statement in Kaduna, the AYF said the Buhari must act fast and stop the destruction of lives and property by bandits.
The statement signed by Gambo Gunjungu, President of the AYF, said Nigerians were becoming helpless as a result of the general state of insecurity in the country.
“The insecurity in the country had increased more than in 2015, as the killings are no longer only in the North East where the Boko Haram insurgency is holding sway, but all over the country.
“The killers are now even more daring as the security operatives appeared to lack the capacity to confront the marauders. The story is the same from the north East, to the North West , the North Central and other parts of the country” the statement said.
According to the group: “The question on the lips of majority of Nigerians is when will these pogrom be over? When will Nigerians wake up to the news that the attacks, killings and maiming are no longer part of our daily ritual?”
The statement further lamented that rather than uniting and speaking with one voice against the killings, Nigerians were view the situation along regional line.
The group said “It is no longer a surprise therefore that regional groupings across the country are becoming more emboldened to speak for themselves instead of Nigerians as a whole.
“This is not good enough. Nigerians now look for alternatives roots to protection and survival instead of looking up to the government of the day.
“This regional affiliations is a sign that many people are loosing faith in the centre, a development that is not good enough.
“The earlier you tackle the insecurity the better as it will help to rejuvenate the Nigerian spirit in many of our people again.
“AYF is therefore calling on President Buhari to immediately put in motion, measures necessary for the revival of the comatose and abandoned industries across the country”.
The group urged Buhari to fulfill his promised to revive industries especially the closed textile industries in Kaduna in order to create jobs and tackle insecurity.
The group however commended the President the new National carrier, Nigerian Air which is expected to commence operations in December.


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