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Kaduna launches Vigilante Agency to fight neighbourhood crime


Nasir El-Rufai, Kaduna state governor, has launched the State’s Vigilance Service to help combat criminality within neighbourhoods.
Kaduna is one the states facing serious security challenges occasioned by the activities of killer herdsmen, kidnappers, cattle rustlers and street gangs.
Speaking at the launching at the Government House, Kaduna, on Tuesday, El-Rufai said the establishment of the agency was part of steps being taken by his administration to enhance security.
He said “In establishing a Vigilance Service, the Kaduna State government is once again making a concrete investment in securing its people”.
According to him, the agency will complement the existing security and law enforcement agencies owned by the federal government.
He added that the state government has consistently supported these federal security agencies, from providing vehicles, and other assistance, to funding operations undertaken by them.
“Judging from the wide coverage, security is one of the big challenges of our time. Yet any familiarity with the issue, beyond the headlines that tell painful stories of loss, injury and sometimes displacement, is the cold fact that our police is undermanned.
“As a consequence, our country is so severely underpoliced that the gaps are too easily exploited by criminals” he said.
He stressed that “while waiting for critical policy changes like funding a mass recruitment of police officers and decentralising the police, we must take steps within the law to strengthen security in our state, coupled with supporting the work of the federal police”.
El-Rufai said further that the law for the law establishment of the the Vigilance Service was enacted in 2016 with the aimed of complementing the Nigeria Police Force and other security agencies operating in the State in the detection and prevention of crimes in neighbourhoods and communities.
He said officers of the Vigilance Service will work closely with the Nigeria Police, the Civil Defence, the State Security Service and the Military, particularly in areas of intelligence sharing.
“This government is committed to stopping the hoodlums and miscreants that menace our urban centres and the bandits that threaten peace and harmony in our rural communities.
“The security agencies have effected mass arrests of these urban hoodlums and we hope that the judicial process metes out appropriate punishment to them.
“This government will not allow any illegal group to use the provision of security as cover to perpetrate mayhem” he said.
The governor announced the disbandment of all vigilante groups set up by various communities across the state.
“May I use the formal launch of the Kaduna State Vigilance Service to warn that this Service is established by law is the only state government owned and recognised security body.
“The law has no space for vigilante bodies like the Kato da Gora, Civilian JTF, CESSCUR, Neighbourhood Watch, Vigilante Group of Nigeria, Extreme Security, Jarumai da Gora, Yan Committee, Ujumeme, Yan Tuba and others set up by various communities in the state.
“Government has advised the Nigeria Police and other Security agencies to arrest and prosecute any person operating under any of such bodies.
“People who used to belong to these bodies are hereby called upon to join hands with the Kaduna Vigilance Service forthwith. There should be no doubt of our commitment to making the Vigilance Service successful.
“In the interest of the safety of our people and their neighborhoods, I hereby launch the Kaduna State Vigilance Service, and accordingly, present the Service Flag to the Commander as the Symbol of Authority” the governor declared.


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